“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

— Napoleon Hill

Who we are

REIS Group of Companies

A Privately Held Real Estate Investment and Development House

REIS Group targets attractive and innovative projects mainly throughout Eastern Europe. Our interests are focused in countries such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, Russia and Moldova, but as the world economy evolves, so do our investment strategies and locations. We take great pride and pleasure in our work, in fact it would be more accurate to call it a passion to which we are entirely dedicated. Our investments, projects and properties are more than just business to us, we strive to a better understanding of each one in order to achieve the best possible result.

REIS Group was founded in 1995 as a construction company and underwent many transformations prior to becoming the investment house that is known today. The experience gained through the development, construction and management of various projects such as roads, housing, hotels and townships has enabled us to foresee the trends of real estate in a particular market in order to pioneer original and exciting projects. Our gradual, but steady growth over the years has led to an expansion into the European Union and the middle east in 2005. We are constantly looking for new business opportunities and impatiently await new and exciting challenges!

REIS Group’s expertise covers the areas of:

  • Property Investment
  • Property Finance and Risk Management
  • Retail, Commercial and Residential Property Development
  • Property Management and Administration

WHAT WE stand by


Our values always determine our actions. They are our driving force and serve as a reference point for our strategic and operational decisions. Our business relations are built on honesty and fairness. Respecting our word, promises and agreements is the basis of our success. We do the right thing!


Our reputation is the foundation of our business, therefore our promise and our product are more important to us than any short-term gain. We work diligently toward establishing lasting relationships based on communication as well as mutual trust.


We earn to innovate, to think ‘out of the box’ and are always seeking to find a new way to solve an old problem. We are innovative and creative in our investments allowing us to make acquisitions that unlock value at acquisition, during our ownership through asset management and at its ultimate disposal.


Above all, we seek excellence in everything we do. This ethos has allowed us to build and maintain successful relationships with investors, agents, tenants, buyers, joint venture partners and industry professionals. You can count on us to deliver on our commitments within the prescribed deadlines.

Our Goals and Values

  • Deliver a professional and responsive service to all partners and clients
  • Identify market inefficiencies, uncover and exploit opportunities
  • Provide hands-on management to execute our investment plans
  • Offer a product that meets our own high standards and makes us proud
  • Achieve success by employing the right investment strategy with the right asset at the right time
  • Ensure an effective management of every stage of the investment cycle throughout:
  1. Acquisition
  2. Development
  1. Property management
  2. Leasing
  1. Asset management
  2. Disposition

Among our Clients

We view our clients as partners and make sure that all their needs are met at every step since we are only as good as the impression we leave on our last client. We constantly put our own reputation on the line to ensure that our collaboration brings positive results that can be measured. We have experience working with the public, regulated and private sectors and therefore can accommodate the needs and expectations of your business.Here is a look at some of our clients, past and present:


REIS Group is focused on diversifying its interests by identifying residential, commercial and retail assets that can be enhanced through the superior understanding of real estate fundamentals and active asset management. Our portfolio is therefore strategically spread over a variety of industries, markets and countries.

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